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Traditional Graphic Design versus Digital Graphic Design

Now, instead of a mass audience consuming media from a single source, we have multiple sources, multiple channels and multiple audiences. Every participant is potentially a sender as well as a receiver of information, and the barrier to entry is no longer the fortune required to set up a TV station or a newspaper, but the price of a PC… Read more →

Pictograms in Olympics

The logos and pictograms for Olympic games change every four years and the sponsoring city develops its own logos. Pictograms first appeared at the Olympics in London in 1948, and they were officially introduced at the 1964 Tokyo Games. These highly stylized designs could communicate information to athletes and spectators alike,when the transmission of accurate information in a timely manner… Read more →

Logotypes and Branding

Introduction The word logo is rooted in the Greek word lógos meaning a word, saying, speech, discourse, thought, proportion, and ratio. In the world of graphic design a logo must represent all these concepts. Logo is associated with logotype which is defined as; a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, and trademark, which is uniquely designed for ready… Read more →

My Icon Design Process

by Justas | Jul 14, 2015 | Articles A lot of you keep asking what does my working process is like, so I’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to my icon designing routine. Finished and polished icons sets look gorgeous and may seem to be so easy to create. Not even close! As it is impossible to fit every little… Read more →