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The Groundbreaking of Telkom University Creative Center

03 January 2016 Sekpim Telkom University BANDUNG, TEL-U – Again, Telkom University (Tel-U) complete the facilities to support the activities of Tri Dharma. This time the Telkom Foundation, a foundation that houses Tel-U began to build Telkom Building University Creative Center (TUCC). Construction of this facility began with groundbreaking carried out by a number of Tel-U leaders, Tuesday (22/12). Preceded… Read more →

Lecturer Must Accommodate Students More Insight to Face MEA

04 January 2016 Sekpim Telkom University BANDUNG, TEL-U – Vice Rector II Telkom University (Tel-U) Dra Djusnimar Zultilisna, Akt MBA invites lecturers to motivate students in order to improve the quality and innovation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). “We have entered the year of 2016 when the MEA has already begun and certainly competitive conditions require the tough graduates,”… Read more →

Bachelor of Creative Art ( Visual Communication Design ) Telkom University

Visual Communication Design (DKV) is the science that bridges the communication of a meaning through visual media. Among other applied disciplines through practical and theoretical learning, which can bring an understanding of the design directly from the experience of students. This department not only prepares students to obtain a degree in the field of design, but also to promote innovative… Read more →

Tel-U Welcomes 3rd Anniversary by Organized Series of Events

29 January 2016 Sekpim Telkom University BANDUNG, TEL-U – Welcoming the third age, Telkom University ready to arrange a variety of events. Preparation and planning needs to be done to make it runs successfully. Then to mark the beginning of this events, a number of leaders and the academicians attended the Kick Off – 3rd Anniversary Telkom University. Held in… Read more →

My Icon Design Process

by Justas | Jul 14, 2015 | Articles A lot of you keep asking what does my working process is like, so I’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to my icon designing routine. Finished and polished icons sets look gorgeous and may seem to be so easy to create. Not even close! As it is impossible to fit every little… Read more →

Chapter- 1-2 : The Inception of Visual Communications in Ancient Egypt

The Inception of Visual Communications in Ancient Egypt Wooden ushabti box and ushabtis of Pinedjem I. There is no doubt that ancient Egyptians were the originator of what is today defined as ‘visual communication design’. The Egyptian language of antiquity used the same word, sekh, to signify writing, drawing, and painting, and from the very beginning of her history, Egypt… Read more →

Chapter- 1-1: The Birth of Graphic Design

  The “Spotted Horses” mural, painted by woman artists inside France’s Pech Merle cave dated 23 millennium BC is a fine example of the prehistoric graphic design. According to the analysis of Pennsylvania State University archaeologist Dean Snow many of the artists working in that cave were women. Until recently, most scientists assumed the prehistoric handprints on the rockwalls around… Read more →

Prelude – 4 : A history of the Chinese Scribe

The earliest examples of Chinese writing date to the late Shang period (ca. 1200 BC). These are the so-called Oracle Bone Inscriptions (jiaguwen) which were found at the site of the last Shang capital near present-day Anyang in Henan province.Later on the bronze inscriptions (jinwen) which were texts casted or carved into the surface of vessels integrated the concept of… Read more →